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January 27, 2020
Bethlehem Rotary 's Bryon Grigsby was our speaker this week. Bryon shared the economic impact of independent colleges. He enlightened us on many misconceptions about these institutions such as cost, breadth of degree offerings and brain drain. I personally was shocked when Bryon shared that state schools often make it near impossible for students to graduate in four years by not offering classes students need to graduate within a four-year period, thus collecting more in federal funding. Many local, independent also offer a variety of majors to allow students to pursue not only liberal arts degrees. More graduates of these institutions  stay local, benefiting the local economy. This, combined with the increase in earning college students have over their career versus that of those with only a high school education, made for a very interesting presentation. 
Bryon Grigsby speaking about the impact of Independent Colleges in Pennsylvania
Rotarian Ray Malec has sustained a foot injury and will be out for several months. He welcomes phone calls. 610-866-5981 or 610-428-7825.
I'll be away for this week's meeting but I know President-elect Pete will lead a lively meeting at which the speaker will be our own George Mowrer, speaking about retirement coaching.
Yours in Rotary service,
President Thea Lind