US State Department Office of Trafficking in Persons
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  • Get engaged … you ‘re in great company! 
  • The pandemic is having a compounding effect on sex trafficking in the Lehigh Valley.  Pornography has increased as a result of isolation which subsequently feeds the demand for commercial sexual exploitation.  Law enforcement is doing the best they can, but resources have been reallocated or diminished.  We need your support more now than ever before. 
  • According to data collected through the National Human Trafficking Hotline, the number of crisis trafficking situations increased by more than 40 percent during the pandemic. 
SIMPLE Actions you can take:
  • Help build this Rotarian movement - Join Bethlehem RAGAS
  • Schedule a speaker / Host an event
  • Spend a bit of time watching one of the many videos/documentaries on the subject
  • Recognize and buy only sustainable slave-free products
  • Spot it to STOP it – Recognize a victim in your neighborhood
  • Support programs that provide shelter and resources to homeless and runaway youth
  • Talk to your children and grandchildren about internet safety, sexting, and human trafficking recruitment tactics
  • Donate: Give your support to credible anti-slavery and human trafficking organizations