The Doylestown Bookshop will host an online discussion about the history of the poliovirus, the effort to eradicate it, and the similar challenges posed today by COVID-19. This virtual event, titled “Passion, Patience, and Perseverance: "A Discussion Comparing the Polio Health Crisis to the COVID-19 Pandemic” will be held on Tuesday, Oct 13th at 7:00 pm  EDT.

  • A three person panel of 2 Rotarians and a well-known historian (and Polio Survivor), will discuss how the pandemic we face today is not unprecedented. The world has come together for the eradication of Polio, and it can come together to manage the realities of COVID-19. This event has been designed to engage those attending in historical perspectives surrounding the two. 
  • There is NO charge for this event.
Toward the end of the event, participants will be invited to support Rotary International's PolioPlus campaign by donating on our district’s purple pinkie website:

The hope for this event is that it will help Rotary reach its goal of eradicating polio and help people come together for the new fight against COVID-19.